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Twelve Iconic Dishes Of El Bulli - The World's 50 Best Restaurants

To celebrate El Bulli’s success, we look back at the 12 iconic dishes that helped define one of the greatest restaurants of all time.
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Chef Ferran Adrià To Reopen Spain's El Bulli As Food Lab In 2019 - The ...

The El Bulli Legacy, Six Years On | Food & Wine

Six years after El Bulli closed, here's how its legacy lives on.
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It Was Delicious While It Lasted | Vanity Fair

In Spain, A Restaurant Reimagines The Famed El Bulli - The New York ...

The chef Albert Adrià’s latest opening aims to be a 2017 update of the acclaimed restaurant where he worked for 23 years.
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Elbulli Restaurant // Menus

El Bulli restaurants in Surry Hills, Sydney, offer authentic Spanish tapas.
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Famed Spanish Restaurant El Bulli Reopens As Foundation ...

El Bulli was a highly successful, highly celebrated restaurant in Spain, until its founder shut it down at practically the peak of its popularity. but with a focus on innovation and research, rather than just on eating.

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ElBullifoundation: Último Vals

ElBulli Team Runs Four Restaurants - The Boston Globe

spinning creativity that defined elBulli lives on, except you no longer have to leave beautiful Barcelona to experience it. The greatest show on earth has turned into a multiplex, with the elBulli team now running four dynamic restaurants in the city, each offering a different experience at another price point, and designed to evoke a distinct emotion. And whereas elBulli had been the brainchild of chef Ferran Adrià, assisted by his younger brother, Albert, in the background, the younger Adrià has taken the lead while his brother plays a supporting role (in between traveling, teaching at Harvard, and building his foundation).
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Ferran Adrià's ElBulli Lab In Barcelona - Bon Appetit

The Former El Bulli Chef Is Now Serving Up Creative Inquiry - The ...

Ferran Adrià, a groundbreaking Spanish chef whose El Bulli was one of the world’s top restaurants before he closed it, is now on an idiosyncratic quest for knowledge and creativity.
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Where Have We Come From? - ElBulli

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